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Case Study: Greenbox

Creating a sea change around phase change.

Bringing market clarity to a scientific breakthough in shipping.
The Issue

Despite burning through millions of investment dollars over ten years, Entropy had been unable to commercialize its promising phase-change thermal management technology with major corporate buyers. Spyglass was hired by new leadership in a final attempt to make this company successful.

The Insight

Next, through customer interviews and market research, we discovered that the key selling point to date was not the superior nature of the product (significantly better than the competition) but the reusability aspect of the box and biodegradable nature of the phase-change composition.

The Solution

With most major companies moving towards “greener” solutions, we convinced the management team to rename the product (currently the Entropy Box) and rethink the strategy in order to clearly differentiate themselves in the market.

Greenbox Logo

“At first I was skeptical with what they proposed, but then I discovered they were right. We landed Walmart as one of our first customers – and now we expect sales to hit $100 million within 2 years.”

Henry Cousineau
Majority Shareholder and Co-Founder

Greenbox Goes Further
Greenbox Goes Greener
Greenbox, not coming to a landfill near you
Greenbox Website
Modular, Flexible, Revolutionary
Greenbox pallett
Reusalbe, Recyclable, Revolutionary
Greenbox Tradeshow Booth
Featured on a episode of Superstore!
greenbox featured on Superstore

The new Greenbox was launched and immediately achieved dramatic sales and bottom-line success in the US leading to international expansion the following year and then being sold to the global leader in thermal shipping.

Pure Temp logo

Spyglass developed a new ingredient brand for the actual phase change material that is licensed to third party manufacturers for use in clothing, construction materials, aerospace and many other applications.

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