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Happy 2016: Your Moulin L’Orange Holiday Party Video is Here

Posted on 01.07.16 by Spyglass

You can dance if you want to. We did. Check out the Spyglass Holiday Party Highlights Video, hot off the presses and rolling along like a jolly juggernaut of fun. Thanks once again to all of our clients and trusted associates for a spectacular evening of can-can dancing, llamas, chicks on sticks, music and of course, the animated stylings of our own CEO (Chief Exuberance Officer), Big Orange Yeti. We had a blast. From the looks of it, you did too. Here’s to 15 years of Spyglass—our own little La Belle Époque.When you’re ready to give your brand a shot in the arm, we’re ready to roll.

See photos from the party

A special thanks to Hal Lovemelt, inventor, statesman and master mixer of our video montage.