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Check, check and check: Top April marketing trends we believe in (and see every day)

Posted on 04.13.16 by Spyglass


We know what you’re thinking, “Oh, boy, another list!” But this one is good. Spotting trends in brand marketing is a bit of a crapshoot, and generally speaking, only a handful of so-called experts are able to point towards those that become ubiquitous. At Spyglass our clients range from education to healthcare, business travel to banking, law firms to innovative new medical products, and virtually across the board, certain trends have continued to remain important. Here are several that particularly resonate with us as we move into Q2 of 2016.

  1. First and foremost, every conversation needs to primarily be about your customer, not you. You need to listen more than you talk.
  2. Everyone at your organization must be a fluent brand ambassador.
  3. Marketing and sales have to be connected at the hip.
  4. Social media is rarely a strategy and mostly a channel.
  5. Marketing departments need to embrace big data.
  6. The mobile experience is now table stakes.
  7. Virtual reality is coming and you need to get ready for it.
  8. Relevant content is hard to produce, but essential.
  9. And finally, ever-increasingly, clients want to see data before, during, and after any campaign or new marketing effort because they want and deserve ROI.


OK, take a deep breath and read a more complete list here.