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Does geofencing sound complicated? Let an 8-year old explain it to you

Posted on 05.24.16 by blang


This is cool in a couple of ways. First, because geofencing technology is an amazing and accurate way to target prospects and customers at the perfect time—when they are nearby. Second, because Ad Age has this wonderful video series that takes a seemingly complicated advertising concept or technology and explains it to you in the shortest, sweetest and simplest way. We here at Spyglass love the idea of helping consumers understand the seemingly complex in short bite-sized chunks. A good example is the work we did with Optum on the 2-Minute Answers video series, which makes understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) quick and easy. In fact, the entire website serves as an excellent example of how to take something daunting that people don’t want to spend time to understand and completely changes the paradigm of engagement.

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