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Take a Bow (Wow), Dogs of Spyglass

Posted on 04.05.19 by Spyglass
Paisley – Spyglass CCO, greeter, inciter of ideas

April is Dog Appreciation Month

While it’s unclear to us why every month is not devoted to our loyal canines, and the say April is National Dog Appreciation Month. So we are excited to oblige by honoring and highlighting The Dogs of Spyglass.


See our dogs (and our clients’ dogs!) on Facebook

For the entire month of April, the dogs of Spyglass will be featured on our Facebook page. We appreciate them for the countless ways in which they make our days better, including all the laughs. (It’s true, people who own dogs laugh more.)


Send us your pic!

We want to showcase your furry friend. Send a picture of your groovy, orange-loving, canine to [email protected], and like us on Facebook to see if your pooch is featured.

Be sure to tell us a little something, such as your dog’s name, age, breed/mix, and one or more of the following: favorite pastimes, favorite treat, favorite dog-friendly locale or maybe even your dog’s most lovable vice, be it counter surfing or hoarding stinky socks.

We’d also love to hear about your dog’s connection to Spyglass. Is your dog a creative thinker? Does your dog have a favorite orange ball, toy or outfit? Does your dog love patios? (We have a patio!)


Paisley gets the Spyglass ball rolling

To kick things off, we are featuring our very own CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer), Paisley. Orange-clad and always ready to assist in strategic development and brainstorming with her composed, yet creative and energetic presence. She may not retrieve, but as CCO, she delivers!

Age: 2 (but turns 3 next weekend!)

Breed/Mix: Cavalier King Charles/Poodle mix

Favorite pastime/activity:
Dog: Taking advantage of any and every opportunity to play with other dogs.
Human: Discovering my next travel destination – and local patio or rooftop that will be deemed my new favorite.

Favorite treat:
Dog: A puppachino followed by a car ride with my head out the window.
Human: Izzy’s Ice Cream – fantastic ice cream, plus the Izzy’s scoop – it’s genius!

Favorite dog-friendly locale:
Able Seedhouse + Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis – they have great dog treats, are dog friendly inside and outside, and have an amazing patio in the summer – all with the added benefit of a rotating beer selection!

Paisley’s vice?:
A constant need for love and attention – which everyone always quickly caves and gives her, making this habit a vicious cycle.

What makes Paisely a Spyglass-er?:
As CCO of Spyglass, she knows and loves all things orange. Everything from rocking Spyglass-branded gear – to knowing that greeting guests at the office is her #1 priority – she is a Spyglass-er through and through.