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Don’t Stop the Carnival!

Posted on 02.27.20 by Spyglass

As winter drags on, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm — and to crave sunnier, more colorful climes. This year our thoughts keep turning to Rio, and the biggest party on the planet. To create our own escape to Carnival, we’ve crafted this fruit-forward cocktail. Felicidades!

The Spy 19Introducing the Spypirinha
Our fresh take on the national cocktail of Brazil — infused with Spyglass passion!

1 large lime, cut into small pieces
1 T superfine sugar
4 oz passion-fruit juice, puree or fresh passion fruit
4 oz Cachaça

Put the lime chunks and sugar in a large sturdy glass and muddle vigorously until the sugar has dissolved. Scoop the flesh out of the passionfruit and mash it in a separate glass.  Or open your container of nectar, juice or puree. Mix the passionfruit and lime mash together. Taste and adjust until the balance is right. Add the Cachaça and stir. Fill two glasses with ice, pour & enjoy!