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Case Study: Concept

More than a new look . . . a new league.

Retooling a classic manufacturing business for a bold future.

Concept Machine Tool was a solid business in a sea of change. With the manufacturing industry rapidly automating and evolving, new leadership and a major acquisition, Concept was ready to dramatically retool their brand and market position to take the company to the next level.


Through research, Spyglass identified that Concept was more than a respected seller of machines. They served as trusted advisors, helping customers identify innovative solutions that could bring more efficiency, productivity and capacity to their operations. The company’s new brand position needed to reflect this forward-thinking, service-driven orientation.


Spyglass recommended that Concept Machine Tool rebrand themselves as Concept – the leader in Advanced Manufacturing Solutions; and position their new acquisition, BC MacDonald, as part of the Concept Family of Companies. Spyglass translated the company’s core business lines into three simple descriptors: “Make. Measure. Automate”– simplifying the messaging and reorienting toward the customer.

“Spyglass was our partner in bringing the brand to life across the entire organization, which has made a huge impact in how we do business. Our customers and prospects are looking at Concept in a new light, and our internal team is energized by our new approach.”

Andrew Hecker, CEO

Is your logo working against you?

A brand is more than a logo, but an outdated logo can shape–even taint–the perception of your company. This was the case for Concept Machine Tool. As the company evolved and grew, the decades-old logo remained the same, contradicting the state-of-the-art, high-tech manufacturing company they had become.

Previous logo


We’ve got a new attitude, and it (trade) shows.

Once the new brand was launched, it was time to get the message out. In addition to new signage, space design and swag, Spyglass created a series of flexible pop-up banners that can be used at trade shows as well as in the showroom at headquarters for customer tours.

Acquisitions made easy, and fast.

The new Concept brand structure allows for newly acquired companies to quickly leverage the Concept brand while maintaining equity in their own.


As a unified company with a consistent, customer-focused message, Concept continues to grow and recently received a BOLD Award from the Association for Corporate Growth, which honors the innovative organizations that propel the economy forward.

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