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Case Study: Urgency Room

A new category of care.

Redefining the emergency room experience.
The Issue

As the organization that provides area hospitals with ER doctors, the Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA) had inside knowledge of a major issue: 3 out of 4 patients who visit an ER don’t actually need hospital-grade ER medical attention. Their solution? Develop freestanding clinics that were faster and cheaper than an ER, yet offered the best medical care for anyone who didn’t need an ambulance. But they weren’t sure how to position it in the market . . .

The Insight

The most important question regarding the positioning of this new entity was: is this an alternative to an urgent care clinic, or an emergency room? Since the perceived quality of ER care is much higher than an urgent care facility, we recommended that they firmly stake out territory as close to an ER as possible (and pull the plug on their original name “Medicor,” which wasn’t resonating).

The Solution

To quickly communicate the convenience of an urgent care clinic with the expertise of an ER,  we coined the term Urgency Room (UR). And since the two biggest complaints about ERs are long waits and high prices, we addressed those head on in our brand launch.

Urgency Room Exterior
ER skills witout the ER bills
Urgency Room Logo

“Spyglass helped us take a new concept to market and make it almost instantly successful. Their thinking really blew me away.”

Dr. Gary Gosewich
EPPA and The Urgency Room

Urgency Room Billboard
Urgency Room App
Urgency Room Card
Urgency Room Tattoos
Who you gonna call?

One of the first challenges the UR faced was making the public aware of when to use the UR and when to go straight to an ER. We developed a simple digital campaign that used a little personality to make the distinction.

Urgency Room Ads

Spyglass created a brand that not only helped launched The Urgency Room, but had true staying value. Drive down any of the Minnesota interstates, and you are bound to see a billboard with a wait time noted in the corner. No more keeping people guessing!

Urgency Room Patient Status Board
Knowledge is comforting
In an effort to be as helpful as possible to both patients waiting to be seen but also families or friends waiting in the lobby, we developed a detailed monitor that listed both wait times and the status of patients in session.
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