Creating a new category of care.

Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA) provides area hospitals with ER doctors. Consequently, they knew the big ER problem: 3 out of 4 patients that visit an ER don’t actually need hospital ER medical attention. Their solution: freestanding ER-staffed clinics that were faster and cheaper, yet offered the best medical care for anyone who didn’t need an ambulance.

UrgencyRoom_Billboard ER Skills

Spyglass developed the name, the brand identity and the marketing that launched this new concept. Offering services that lie between an urgent care clinic and an ER, the goal was to position the new concept as an alternative to the ER rather than an alternative to Urgent Care. Thus the name plays more closely off of Emergency Room and in its short form we were able to introduce a new term into the medical lexicon: The UR.

UrgnecyRoom Grand Opening package

Redefining convenience in the digital age.

UrgencyRoom Digital Billboard

Digital billboard technology allowed the UR to broadcast actual wait times on major freeways in the area. Tied directly to the scheduling program in the UR, this feature addressed the biggest hurdle in attracting new patients: long lines.

UrgencyRoom Website

Online check-in combined with visible wait times allows the patient to schedule the most convenient appointment. Once the patient is checked in online, the waiting list is visible on the website and makes it easy to time the visit perfectly.

UrgencyRoom Mobile

A mobile app for both scheduling and communicating with the doctors is in the works.

So when should I use the UR?

UrgencyRoom Billboard UR ER

Helping the public understand when the UR is a better choice than an ER (the UR does not take ambulances) is a key marketing goal. Using clear graphics with a light touch helps explain the choices as well as gives the UR a bit of personality in a normally ominous subject matter.

UrgencyRoom Bus Stop Sign


Walk-in visits vastly exceeded first-year goals. The Urgency Room has since opened additional locations, thanks to the success of our campaign and branding.

“Spyglass helped us take a new concept to market and make it almost instantly successful. Their thinking really blew me away.”

Senior Executive
EPPA and The Urgency Room

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