Helping Ed get ahead without spending a pot of gold


Since 2001 Spyglass has donated and contributed more than $1.1M in agency expertise, cash and resources to organizations that we feel benefit the communities in which we live and work.

The Edina Education Fund is one of our most recent and proudest examples of brand philanthropy in action. This independent non-profit organization is dedicated to the continued academic excellence of the Edina Public Schools. They were in dire need of a brand refresh to help communicate who they are and capture the attention of parents in the district. Spyglass pitched in to create a new identity.

Check out the before and after:


Spyglass went further to develop the brands for the Golf and Tennis Classic and – key events and groups associated with the Edina Education Fund. The new brand was unveiled at highly successful fundraising event which brought in over $97k.




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What a rush: Spyglass CD Tim Palm to panel the MN AMA 3rd Annual Super Bowl Ad Review

Tim_SPY0191_FINAL2Tim will be a part of a four-person panel of premium creative minds analyzing, rating and rummaging through this year’s Super Bowl ads. This year’s event will be held at Olson HQ in the Minneapolis warehouse district, Tuesday, February 3rd from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Be there or be squarely outside of the most scintillating advertising insights of this bright new year.

Check out the event here

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Patriot selects Spyglass: We’re thrilled to be working with one of the top retail bankers in the business.

pnbBlogFullPatriot is an East Coast community bank serving Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. Since 1994 they have been dedicated to serving local areas with a complete offering of business and personal banking products and services and represent the best values of a community bank. “We are thrilled to have been chosen for this project and to be working again with one of the best retail banking minds in the business, Ms. Susan Neilson, Patriot Bank COO,” said Molly Rice, Spyglass President. “Patriot is in a perfect position to redefine what a community bank should be and have an even bigger impact on the communities in which they serve. Part of Spyglass’ job will be to help them tell a powerful story and deliver a superior customer experience.”


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Spyglass Takes Home Two MarCom Gold Awards for Projects that Showcase Minnesota Arts

winners-announced3The Marketing/Promo Campaign for Special Events award was presented for Spyglass’ work on the 10th Anniversary 2014 Ivey Awards campaign, which celebrates the renowned Twin Cities theater community every September. The Website for Nonprofit award was presented for web development work on Made Here Minnesota, a new walking art tour and cultural engagement initiative that features the work of artists from across the state in storefronts throughout downtown Minneapolis.

Supporting the arts has always been important to Spyglass. Though their typical clients come from the B2B and B2C sectors, they relish the opportunity to contribute to projects that engage the public in the many things that make Minneapolis, and Minnesota, great. They have dedicated more than $1 million in marketing and branding support for non-profits and Minnesota-based cultural organizations since 2001.

“This is a great honor, certainly for Spyglass, but more importantly for the arts community and people like Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Scott Mayer and Tom Hoch who champion ideas like The Ivey Awards and Made Here —big ideas that help put Minnesota’s nationally-recognized theater and artistic talent in the spotlight,” said Molly Rice, co-founder and chief executive officer for Spyglass. “We are active supporters of the arts and extremely proud to be part of the effort to help them celebrate their talents and gain recognition and visibility.”


Founded in 2004 by Scott Mayer, The Ivey Awards increase awareness and appreciation of Twin Cities’ professional theater by providing a celebration for both those working within the theater community and those in the audience. Like the 2013 campaign, Spyglass was responsible for concept creation, art direction and campaign production.

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Big Orange Yeti hits his tweet spot: From Burning Man to hashtag

BOYNews4Our own superhero of sorts, known affectionately as Big Orange Yeti, can now be among one of your sources of inspiration on Twitter. Follow him now @BigOrangeYeti. The karmic forces of good will thank you for it. #somethingwonderful

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Latest Yeti sightings push happiness levels to a new high


Spreading the message that great brands should know how to stand out from the crowd, Yeti made a couple of unannounced public appearances. First on the Nicollet mall for lunch, and then near the start of the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon, bringing a rush of happiness to huggers and high-fivers who like a little instant karma. Where will he appear next? Your guess is as good as ours.

Follow him on Twitter @BigOrangeYeti

See all of our fabulous Yeti pictures


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Why Mayer matters: Meet the guy who makes Minneapolis happen

mayerWebNews2Scott Mayer is the man behind the Ivey Awards, Minnesota’s premier red carpet theater event. He’s also one of the driving forces of Made Here, a newly-launched initiative to bring local artists to downtown Minneapolis storefronts. These are just two of his many visionary projects that are putting the Twin Cities into the national spotlight. Spyglass has had the unique opportunity to be chosen to spearhead the branding and marketing of both projects.

Meet Scott and watch this video from CBS Minnesota


Take a look at our work for the 2014 Iveys and the see the Made Here website we recently designed.

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Rebiotix raises the capital necessary to change the world

rebiotixWebNews3Congratulations to one of our favorite Spyglass clients, Rebiotix founder and CEO, Lee Jones. Her hard work and perseverance is helping to bring a much-needed medical solution to one of the deadliest hospital-borne infections in the world. Clostridium difficile kills thousands annually and infects millions more. Soon there will be a new, natural treatment that is 95% effective. It succeeds where antibiotics have failed and is the only medical product of its kind to receive Fast Track FDA status. This is exciting stuff and an amazing story that will impact healthcare in a big way. Rebiotix is opening the door to an entire new field of medicine—intestinal bacteria—medicine’s newest and most promising frontier. An area of medicine with the potential to also solve conditions such as Crohn’s Disease‎, obesity and autism.

Read more about Lee and Rebiotix in the Star Tribune

Our role in the Rebiotix story
Spyglass collaborated with Lee’s team on the Rebiotix branding, messaging and named this new category in medicine. Check out the website and learn more.




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Spyglass hires wildly talented new designer

JenaNewsMeet Design Director Jena Hanson, the latest addition to the Spyglass team. Talented, witty and experienced at the finer aspects of brand strategy, Jena has 10 years of agency experience and a well-defined perspective on what makes good brands tick. Although she is a former track star, she was unable to outrun her suitor. She’s getting married at the end of August. Wedding gifts welcome. Congratulations Jena! Thrilled to have you here. Now get to work.

Announcement also featured on The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and MediaPost.

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2014 IVEYS Creative Revealed!

Spyglass is proud to be a part of the team behind the 2014 Iveys creative for the second year running. We worked with photographer William Clark, stylist Grant Whitaker, Erin Pedersen and Scott Mayer’s team and the results are pretty amazing. It’s a made-you-look campaign that takes the Ivey 2014 award winners and puts them in a whole new light (or darkness, as it were). We think dedicating your life to theater is pretty badass. The end result: Theater Forever. A tribute to the exclusive, dedicated and talented club that makes Twin Cities’ Theater among the very best in the world.




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