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Case Study: Bose

No, it’s all about you.

Putting the customer’s goals ahead of product features.
The Issue

Bose ElectroForce is the B2B division of Bose that makes industrial materials testing equipment using the same audio technology behind their popular consumer brand. They had been focusing their marketing on the fact that their machines deliver results far better than the competition, yet they struggled with expanding market share.

The Insight

For their customers (typically product developers) the testing phase is a pass-fail step. So exceeding the required testing parameters with innovative technology was not as important as reliability and great service. Yet even more important to them was getting their baby — a new invention or product — to market as quickly as possible.

The Solution

We recommended a new approach that put the actual invention, the end result of their customers’ pursuits, at the heart of the Bose messaging. No longer would it be trumpeting how great Bose’s products are, but rather focused on how amazing their customers’ products are — ensuring that each customer knows that Bose is committed to their success, whatever it takes.

Bose Header
Your success. Our mission.
Bose Divisions

“Spyglass pushed us to take the brand where it needed to go — we didn’t even realize it until they showed us the way.  We would not have been able to differentiate ourselves on a global scale and truly equip our sales team without Spyglass.”

Ed Moriarity
Division General Manager
Bose Corporation

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When is a box a billboard?

When Bose testing machines are delivered to research or production facilities, they often sit in their crates in the lab for days or even weeks. Since their prime target audience is exposed to the boxes during this timeframe, we thought the crate panels would be a great opportunity to reinforce the brand message.

Bose Shipping Crates

Bose ElectroForce continued to grow in the market, and later was acquired by TA Instruments — they continue to see great growth today.

Bose LinkedIn post
Socially minded
In addition to general brand marketing, we helped Bose employ social media to further expand their new messaging, including an updated LinkedIn user group page with content that supported the campaign.
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