Bringing a lifesaving treatment to market.

It was gut check time. Literally. A group of experienced Minnesota entrepreneurs were pursuing a remarkable idea for quickly treating the deadly gastrointestinal clostridium difficile infection – a widespread hospital-borne illness that affects tens of thousands and kills hundreds annually. Their non anti-biotic treatment had proven to be 95% effective, and the last line of defense when all antibiotics failed. But they needed a name, and brand, that would be ready to roar the minute they finished FDA testing and were ready to bring the treatment to market.

A medical milestone, set to make a breakthrough. Rebiotix now has fast track FDA status and is a few clinical trials away from taking its rightful position as the first, simplest and most effective microbiome treatment of its kind—one that is widely thought to also quite possibly hold the secret to controlling a wide range of prevalent medical issues including Crohn’s Disease, obesity and even autism. Not bad for a powerful medicine that’s not really a “medicine” at all.


On the money. With a clear brand strategy and supporting creative, Rebiotix president and founder, Lee Jones was able to secure the funds necessary from investors so that Rebiotix had the backing necessary to finance fasttrack FDA testing and approval.


Average number of Americans annually whose lives could be saved by Rebiotix.

“Spyglass helped us explore all the possibilities and find the best possible way forward. This was a challenge—a new area in medicine. Together, we discovered exactly what would work. This team can figure anything out.”

Lee Jones
CEO and Founder

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