Relaunching America’s greatest optical company for the next century

A vision for the next century. Walman Optical was founded in 1915 and has grown mightily in annual revenue through effort and acquisition, especially in the last several years. Today, they are the largest independent ophthalmic company in the US and one of America’s greatest B2B and B2C employee-owned brands. Yet, not enough companies knew of their wide-ranging optical expertise because they operated under many brand names and divisions. Their lack of a consistent brand and unified message was confusing in the marketplace. It made it difficult for Walman to better serve customers across divisions. They hired Spyglass to help them align their brands and further highlight their reputation for being the most trusted partner in the eye care industry.


Framing the conversation. After conducting stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis and industry research, Spyglass discovered that the external perception in the marketplace was that the name “Walman Optical” was only associated with their lab/lens business, versus all the national businesses owned by Walman Optical, including contacts, instruments, their buying group, designer frames and coatings technology. Spyglass recommended that Walman rebrand the parent company as Walman and position it as the entity that owns many companies in the optical industry—all guided by a singular mission and a consistent set of core values.

Brining it all into focus. Spyglass helped Walman unify the brand, look, tone and feel throughout all of their business lines to create a strong association with the outstanding reputation and history of the Walman brand. All while providing each business line with the latitude they needed to preserve their independence. We also created The Walman Advantage, a platform that concisely positioned and delivered the proof points that supported the fact that Walman is an industry leader with many robust and integrated businesses, all guided by business principles that are of immense benefit to their customers.



MarCom Platinum Award winner. Spyglass received the highest honor given at the MarCom Awards, a premier international marketing and communications competition with over 6,500 entries from around the world.

“The work Spyglass did with us was outstanding and positions us perfectly to establish ourselves among the most trusted brand names.”

Marty Bassett
Walman CEO

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