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Jingle well: The ad you need to see before you holiday shop

HolidayAd_BlogFullHappy holidays? Sure, why not? It beats the alternative. Plus, Black Friday is right around the corner. That means you’ll need to focus on the gifts that are really going to blow someone’s skirt up. Follow the link to watch a new holiday ad from Mulberry that proves it’s not just the thought that counts. Like any breakthrough brand strategy, it takes more than a fancy gimmick to capture the heart of your audience.

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Go ahead, call it a comeback: How Taylor Swift and a tiny HD video camera are putting Polaroid back in the picture

Polaroid_BlogFullWe love brand revivals. It’s sort of our sweet spot. Which is why seeing Polaroid rise like a phoenix from the celluloid ashes caught our collective attention. For Polaroid, the timing couldn’t be better. Instant photography is making a comeback and Polaroid has a cool new camera for it. Taylor Swift’s new 1989 album features Polaroid snapshots of her youth, back in the days before selfies, when the Instamatic and its (almost) instant photos were all the rage.

The tiny 1” Cube camera takes wide angle HD video and costs one-third of the price of the popular GoPro.

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What’s up dog? Teen invents new product to FaceTime pets and “treat them up!”


To all you closet inventors out there, get crackin’! It’s never too early and certainly never too late. Meet the teenage girl who wowed the GeekWire Summit in Seattle and got her iCPooch product to market. Get those innovative product ideas you’ve got percolating ready for the 2015 summit. Stat!

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