Inhale, Exhale: How to enjoy that fall oxygen more

Posted 10.05.15 by admin

You’ve got things to do. There’s creative thinking to be done, stress to be alleviated, life to be embraced, and much more. As we enter Fall 2015, breathing right just might be your best way to achieve a healthy and wildly creative life. Breathing correctly replenishes your brain and other vital organs with essential nutrients. If you are not breathing correctly, it’s proven you can get lethargic, cranky and uncreative. Breathe too fast and you’re inhaling too much carbon dioxide. Normally, it comes from prolonged periods of stress. When you breathe too fast you’re only using the top third of your lungs. It increases your heart rate, palpitations and feelings of anxiety. It’s time to quit hyperventilating and add the proper mix of CO2 to your C-level thinking. Ahh, that’s better!

4 simple ways to recalibrate your mix

The binary breathing method

The Pink Floyd method

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