Wild in the country: Spyglass’ Big Orange Yeti journeys to the Grand Canyon

yetiblogfullHe’s done the road trip to Burning Man, high-fived runners at marathons, held babies, crashed Red Bull’s Crashed Ice, powered through Pride and been a big hairy deal at all sorts of Spyglass clients’ events and occasions. Now, his latest escapade includes a trip to the Grand Canyon that spanned over 1,600 miles of U.S. highways. As the Spyglass CEO (Chief Exuberance Officer) you’ll see he relishes every opportunity to pop-up in the most unexpected places.

See a few snapshots from BOY’s most recent trip

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Who do you love? Forbes ranks America’s favorite sports mascots

sportsmascotblogfullFor sports franchises, a memorable mascot is money in the bank. It’s one of the reasons fans come to the games and can be a solid gold merchandising and event opportunity. Beyond the “costume,” it also matters who jumps inside to deliver the dance, the swagger and comic timing punch. Here are the top 11 characters when it comes delighting sports audiences. Think of this list as a good reference point when it comes to creating a fun-loving face for your brand at events, trade shows and office functions.

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Ten ways brands are saying Olympics without saying “Olympics”: How to free ride the games vibe without stepping on any toes

If you are a fan of our monthly newsletter or just a casual enthusiast, you probably know that we led our most recent August edition with the do’s and don’ts for brands that want to free ride the social media wave during the Rio 2016 Olympics. Well, despite a boatload of copyright restrictions from the IOC and their paid sponsors when it comes to mentioning your brand alongside anything Olympics related, some clever companies are still jumping onboard, making waves and avoiding the long arm of the intellectual property law. It’s living proof that the iconic nature of the games gives you the ability to conjure associations using all sorts of ideas that aren’t trademarked and do not require a logo. You need to think on the fly. It’s a little bit like Pictionary. But as we all know, sometimes finding the simplest way to get the idea across can be the hardest thing to do of all. Except for us—we were #phelpsface-ing it up before it was even cool. Although, truth be told, it might have been all of the early Spring road construction projects around here.

Read the full article on Adweek here

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Inundation nation: A visualization of what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet


It’s been a while since people have been tossing around the term “information super highway”, but my goodness, one look at this infographic and the sheer volume of activity is mind-blowing. Welcome to the hyper-connected world. Where you can be forgotten as quickly as you can be noticed, swept over by a continuous Tsunami of digital activity. Having a unique message and keeping your (good!) content coming has never been more important or represented a bigger opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Listen to all that activity. You can practically here the collective buzz of a billion servers from here. Yowsa!

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Now for something completely different: Ads of the World


This website is a winner when you’re looking for a little creative inspiration. It’s a searchable database of advertising from all parts of the planet, and a digital repository of the latest and greatest, the weirdest—and winners in the ad game. Take for example, this advertising gem we’ve linked to below. Going over the top is one thing. Soaring over it is something else entirely. Stick with it. Like a summer blockbuster, it’s more action than dialogue driven narrative, but it’s got a sticky hook.

Say hello to Shottasoco—a new mixed media advertising masterpiece we love.

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Tweeting the Games: How to stay out of a hot mess in 140 characters or less

lead_Oympics_BlogFullThe 2016 Olympics in Rio are shaping up like a steamy jungle adventure. Here at Spyglass, we feel like a bunch of Indiana Joneses ready to chop through the dense vegetation of negative media hype, hoping for a little less focus on mosquitos, banditos and leaky-pipe-oritos—and more magic moments of culture and competition. If your brand is thinking about jumping on the social media bandwagon during the games, you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts of Olympic tweeting. NBC spent almost $1.3 billion for the rights to air the event, and reports say NBCUniversal believes it will sell well over $1 billion in advertising for its telecast. It’s no surprise that those brands, including the Olympic brand itself, are drawing a legal line in the sand to keep unpaid social media interlopers off their paid media turf. But if you play your cards right, you’ve still got a chip, a chair and a chance to make your mark.

Here’s how to stay out of hot water on social media and develop a gold medal strategy for riding the social waves.

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How creative are you anyway? Take a quick test

quiz_blogOne thing we’ve discovered over the years is that, more often than not, our clients are some of the most creative people in the room. It’s no surprise. You need creative juices to develop winning products, services, apps, and compelling offers and promotions. A little logical, strategic thinking never hurts either. So, just for kicks, here is a quick, interactive test to gauge where you are on the left brain/right brain spectrum. Indulge yourself and see which hemisphere you rely on most.

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Going beyond the logo: Learn the 6 most common branding errors

brand_blogA great article and a friendly reminder from your brand experts at Spyglass about what matters most when your organization is trying to find the white space in your vertical and create separation from the competition. Though this particular article focuses on start-ups, there is plenty of wisdom for brands young and old. It’s a great example of how holistic thinking can bring a lot of bottom line value to any branding effort. We have many clients that come to us thinking that they only need a website, a logo, a tagline, an app, or a brochure to get the job done. But those are tactics—not a strategy. When we encourage our clients to step back and take the time to pinpoint what they want to accomplish, set specific sales/growth goals, clearly identify the audience and define brand voice, personality and key differentiators, they always agree that it is money and time well spent.

Check out the article here

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It’s getting real now: Another remarkable evolution in VR

VR_Blog_FullVR this and VR that. No question it’s the hot new topic. Gaming companies around the world and social networking sites are reworking their approach based on where virtual reality technology is headed. Which means one thing—there’s gold in them hills! But beyond the hype, VR is headed in some extremely interesting and engaging directions. Here’s one example that will get your creative juices flowing in a new dimension.

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Does geofencing sound complicated? Let an 8-year old explain it to you


Photo Credit: Prometeus / 123RF Stock Photo

This is cool in a couple of ways. First, because geofencing technology is an amazing and accurate way to target prospects and customers at the perfect time—when they are nearby. Second, because Ad Age has this wonderful video series that takes a seemingly complicated advertising concept or technology and explains it to you in the shortest, sweetest and simplest way. We here at Spyglass love the idea of helping consumers understand the seemingly complex in short bite-sized chunks. A good example is the work we did with Optum on the 2-Minute Answers video series, which makes understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) quick and easy. In fact, the entire website serves as an excellent example of how to take something daunting that people don’t want to spend time to understand and completely changes the paradigm of engagement.

Be sure to check out Geofencing explained by an 8-year old.

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