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Gather ’round, it’s story time.

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For ages, stories have brought people together and made us feel connected and part of a tribe.

Stories bring meaning and passion to ordinary life, and the most powerful ones shift thinking and change beliefs. (Exactly what you’re hoping your next marketing and social media campaign will do, right?)

But how do you tell your story in a marketplace filled with clamoring voices and competing claims? How can you be authentic and deliver something that people actually want to hear?

At Spyglass, we’re big believers in story bites: compelling nuggets that give your audience a taste of who you are and why they should care. A good story is told through many touchpoints, using many mediums and a variety of emotional and informational bites. The result? You rely less on paid advertising and generate more memorable, organic mindshare.

To spark your thinking, read this article that shines light on the power of stories and “emotional branding”—both are especially relevant for social media.

And when you want to talk story, we’re ready to listen!

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Three cheers for the mascot! The bodacious way to build brand equity

pillsburryblogfullWe love mascots. They are the sis-boom-bah of branding. They do stuff you can’t do. They jump out of their seats to rally the troops, create instant photo ops, add life to events and offer a whole new range of brand-building opportunities. By definition, a mascot is any person, animal or object thought to bring luck or to represent a group with a common public identity like a school, professional sports team, society, military unit or brand name. Which is probably why they are everywhere. With football season in full swing, it’s mascot-city out there—on the field and off, on TV and online—for name brand products and teams alike. And mascots aren’t just for consumer brands anymore. Plenty of B2B companies have successfully brought mascots into play. There’s SaaSy and Chatty from Salesforce, Mailchimp’s Freddie and Hootsuite’s Owly just to name a few. As you’ll see, we have a few mascots of our own here at Spyglass. Not only that, we’ve developed them for clients of all kinds. Mascots open up a brand strategy to new promotions and clever tie-ins while grabbing both paid and unpaid media attention.

Now, here’s your chance to cast your vote for your favorite brand mascot and see which one’s have captured the world’s imagination.

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