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How spooked should I be anyway? AI enters the online medical diagnosis arena

aiblogfullSo you’ve got an ache, a pain or a rash, and you look online only to discover your worst fears—and no one to talk to. Ugh. Before you know it, you’re convinced you’re dying and new symptoms have been psychosomatically activated. Self-diagnosis without context or conversation has profound pitfalls. Now, there’s a new approach likely coming to a digital device near you. The first is Baidu’s artificial intelligence doctor, Melody the Medical Assistant, a conversational chat bot trained on medical textbooks and tested with doctors and medical students in China. It shows the evolution AI has been making online and the way it’s edging into healthcare. Spyglass has had the chance to work with some of the biggest names in healthcare and several very bright start-ups and many virtual assistant apps along the way, so this was of particular interest to us.

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Frightened by content creation? Meet The World’s Most Dangerous Writing App


Now that content is king, there’s only one thing scarier than not having great stuff—creating it. So, in honor of Halloween we present to you The World’s Most Dangerous Writing App. An app that will scare the daylights out of you if you have writer’s block, but also just might put a little hellfire in your soul when you need to produce your best stream-of-consciousness thinking. It’s a motivating muse, not only for nipping procrastination in the bud, but also for providing a swift kick in the pants when you’ve got a great novel inside you that’s just dying to come out. Don’t fear the (word) reaper.

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Check, check and check: Top April marketing trends we believe in (and see every day)

marketing-trends_BlogWe know what you’re thinking, “Oh, boy, another list!” But this one is good. Spotting trends in brand marketing is a bit of a crapshoot, and generally speaking, only a handful of so-called experts are able to point towards those that become ubiquitous. At Spyglass our clients range from education to healthcare, business travel to banking, law firms to innovative new medical products, and virtually across the board, certain trends have continued to remain important. Here are several that particularly resonate with us as we move into Q2 of 2016.

  1. First and foremost, every conversation needs to primarily be about your customer, not you. You need to listen more than you talk.
  2. Everyone at your organization must be a fluent brand ambassador.
  3. Marketing and sales have to be connected at the hip.
  4. Social media is rarely a strategy and mostly a channel.
  5. Marketing departments need to embrace big data.
  6. The mobile experience is now table stakes.
  7. Virtual reality is coming and you need to get ready for it.
  8. Relevant content is hard to produce, but essential.
  9. And finally, ever-increasingly, clients want to see data before, during, and after any campaign or new marketing effort because they want and deserve ROI.


OK, take a deep breath and read a more complete list here.

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Snow blind: Why finding your own typos is a mind-melting task

If you work in the world of marketing and advertising, you know that typos are a killer. They erode the faith of clients, hurt brands, and put you squarely on your heels in a conversation you wish you weren’t having. But the truth is, thanks to some quirky brain activity, its just plain tough to spot typos in your own work. Find out why.

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Why taking a shower may be your best, last resort to brilliance.

Shower_BlogHeaderWhether you’re marketing to the masses, fixing your bike, doing the crossword or trying to out-Jobs Steve with a sexy new innovation, changing thought patterns can be the key to unlocking a universe of new possibilities. Here’s why.

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Choose your words wisely

WordPower_Blog_FullA nice little primer on seven marketing words to use – and five you should delete from your vernacular. It’s some solid thinking on words that get results and those that don’t.

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Top 3 reasons to squeeze more C in your B-to-B

Squeez_FullSizeSpyglass does a lot of strategic marketing for businesses that sell exclusively to other businesses. Whether it’s health care, manufacturing, travel, or technology, one thing always holds true: companies want a more exciting story to tell that is simple, compelling and cuts to the chase. Here’s why.

1. Reward the attentive. Even if you’re selling a business-to-business service, you need to reward the prospect for giving you a nanosecond of interest. That means, being conversational, real and having a sense of humor.

2. Be sexier than you think you are. Today, every business is a retail business. Whatever you’re selling, it needs to look sexier. You have a more attractive proposition than you think. Find out why your brand is attractive, and flaunt it.

3. Act like you like yourself. If you don’t like what your business does for your customers, why should anyone else? All too often our clients say, “everyone says that.” Yeah, well, say it cooler and mean it.

Now, regroup. And watch this smashing video. B-to-B-to-C thinking.

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Hey – they discovered a new galaxy.

Galaxy_FullSizeThanks, NASA. I know what you’re thinking though. Oh, they found another galaxy…Big deal. And you’re right. It is a big deal! A whole ‘nother 719-planet cosmic swirl. Gently butted up against our solar system. You know what that means? There could be a bunch of other “Earths”.  Which also means your brand could exist in an alternate universe. Or galaxy. And they may be growing faster than you. Don’t freak. Luckily, your galaxy has a Spyglass. So what we’re saying is, you still have a chance.

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Condoms for endangered species? Happy Valentine’s Day!

ES_Condoms_FPWC_Center_for_Biological_Diversity.JPGThe most interesting thing about marketing is where it pops up. Every aspect of daily life is another opportunity to get your message out. Take the Center for Biological Diversity, for example. After St. Paul, MN was selected as the Best Romantic Getaway in North America by USA Today, the CBD decided to launch a condom giveaway campaign to build awareness around its efforts to promote sustainable biodiversity there. Just goes to show you, if you don’t see a good marketing opportunity, you are just not looking hard enough.

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Super Super Bowl Marketing: How Two Guys Inhaled the Right URL at the Right Time

Super Bowl Tshirts with a twist
(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

Interesting article on two savvy entrepreneurs who knew that if the two states that legalized pot got to the big game, they could score big profits. Also shows how the NFL/pot tie-in is helping lots of people make hemp while the sun shines. Like we tell our clients about URLs – while they may not be the end all to profits and performance – it’s a good idea to snap up what you can before someone else gets to them. Full article:

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