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And the Award Goes To… Social Media!

The buzz is still buzzing from Sunday’s Golden Globes. They were a windfall of eye-popping fashion, uncomfortable speeches, snarky digs and marketing smarts. I’ll admit it when you work in this business you always see big events like these through a marketing lens. You look at the world with a “customer hat” on. You wonder how the smartest people in the room decided on everything from co-sponsorships, to new brand experiences and product placement. Awards shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars always reveal the latest trends in branding and marketing. And this year social media took a big step up. You can’t help but be amazed at how much things have changed and how far social media has risen to prominence in just the last few years.

Case in point. The 360° Vine Fashion Booth (  Right there, big and bold on the red carpet. Celebrities hopped on a rotating stage like the one in most microwaves and took a spin while the camera captured the view Vine-style from every angle. It was then posted immediately on Vine. Total marketing home run giving customers and prospects a great reason to get their Vine on. Not only that, users could share their favorite 360° Celebrity Vine video instantly. Brilliant tie-in to an event that was nice and viral. Shared with a touch of the hand throughout the Twitterverse and every microsite, blog and social portal know to humankind. Bearing lots of fruit from the Vine, as it were.

The days of having to watch TV for hours to see what your favorite celebrity wore to an event are long gone. Not only that, you get a 3D-designer view on-demand. You know what that means? Now you can consume media that once took hours in a matter of moments. And be up on the “I can’t believe she wore that” conversation the next day in a fraction of the time. More importantly , it was smart high-profile placement concept by Vine. Keeping the conversation going is what it’s all about for every brand. You should try Vine. If you haven’t already set up a personal account, create one now.

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