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How are leaders embracing AI?

AI is both a cultural and technological force that can’t be ignored—especially by leaders. As Wharton Prof Ethan Mollick puts it, "The only bad way to react to AI is to pretend it doesn’t change anything.” Fair enough, but what…

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Spyglass takes home top 2023 dotCOMM awards Who doesn’t love getting a prize — especially when it involves something you’re passionate about? At Spyglass, we love partnering with visionary business leaders on mission-critical projects. Here’s a shout out to our…

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Spyglass welcomes Shannon Hauser to team

Join us in welcoming our new Senior Project Manager to Spyglass — Shannon Hauser. Shannon has fifteen years experience leading complex marketing campaigns and events across multiple industries, including healthcare, nonprofit and travel. With a strong drive to accomplish goals,…

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2022 MarCom and dotCOM awards

Award season is here!

The winners? Our clients. As award season heats up, we are reflecting back on 2022 and all the amazing work we were able to partner with our clients on. Some of which was recognized by the largest brand and digital…

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Ona Benoit

A warm Spyglass welcome to Ona Benoit

Join us in welcoming our newest Senior Designer to Spyglass -- Ona Benoit. Ona (pronounced AHN-ah) brings over 15 years of human-centered brand and design experience to the Spyglass team across several industries including consumer retail brands, financial services, med…

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