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New faces at Spyglass!

Summer’s finally here… yay! Hopefully your plans, tan (and brand) are off to a sizzling start. Here at Spyglass, we’re playing hard and busting it at work too—thanks to some stellar help from these fresh new faces. It’s time to…

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Rebiotix Celebration

A big shout-out to Rebiotix

When a company specializes in fecal transplants, it pays to have a sense of humor. Spyglass developed the “We’re #2” rally cry for the internal launch of the new brand. Congrats to Lee Jones, Spyglass client and founder of a…

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Be the Change

Are you moving through the day doing what you’ve always done—struggling with the same persistent business or brand issues? Read more to jump start whatever it is you need to do.
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Brainstorming: Yay or Nay?

The old axiom claims that there are no bad ideas… but anyone who’s been in a brainstorming session knows that’s just not true. Since cavemen first sketched on walls, humans have been capturing concepts and exploring possibilities on vertical surfaces.…

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Does your brand need a cleanse?

Just like people who get in sluggish ruts (yes, Virginia, it was a long winter here in the Northland!), many businesses are on autopilot with their marketing efforts. For humans, scientific evidence suggests that periodic cleanses and intermittent fasting can…

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