Bringing a better healthcare solution to millions is a matter of perspective

Knowledge is power. Since 2002, AiR (Assistance in Recovery) has been helping families intervene and cope with addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Over that time they developed a highly successful model for intervention and treatment that extends beyond the traditional 30-day inpatient approach. What they discovered was that patients who have the guidance of clinicians, specialists and family for up to one year are far more successful at managing and ultimately overcoming their challenges. With a database of over 30,000 patients and proven ROI for customers, AiR was poised to make a move. They asked Spyglass to help.




Here’s to your health. Together, what we discovered is that healthcare for behavioral health diseases should be on par with mainstream medicines’ approach to other chronic diseases like asthma, heart disease and obesity—and AiR had the solution. Not to mention a proven model that was easy to implement and could scale to any patient population size. With the help of Spyglass, AiRCare™ was born. Along with all the marketing tools necessary to promote its effectiveness and cost savings to health insurers, treatment providers and employers.

Going for the gold. Now, not only is AiRCare poised to simplify the way behavioral health is approached by America’s largest insures and providers, it is likely to save our healthcare system billions in the costs associated with recidivism, including cross medical costs and the associated impact these diseases have on families and the workplace. Their approach has proven to improve outcomes by more than double the national average, keeping patients reliably on track for a healthier, happier life. Coming soon to a health insurer near you!

20 million

Projected individuals who will benefit from AiRCare over the next decade in the U.S. alone

“We now have the brand foundation and go-to-market strategy we need to roll out AiRCare on the national stage and have a major impact.”

Andrew Wainwright
AiR Healthcare Solutions President and CEO

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