Best Buy trades up to a new look for their exchange program.

When Best Buy launched their trade-in program, the goal was to attract early adopters who would jump at the chance to get a deal on the next cool techy thingamajig. Spyglass was brought in to determine the right name and brand for this program that would engage this demographic. After extensive research and creative approaches (see below) we determined that nothing gets right to the heart of a trade-in program better than, well, “trade-in.”

BestBuy TradeIn Logo

Best Buy logo

The in-store campaign utilized simple flyers, graphics and digital retail displays at the point-of-sale. Kiosks in the stores allowed customers to go online and get an estimate of the trade-in value of their current electronic device.

Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

When researching the early adopter demographic, we tested these concepts to gauge reaction. The results showed us that while many of these concepts received very positive responses, the feedback inevitably resulted in the same simple question: “So…is this basically a trade-in program?” So there ya go.

Best Buy Trade In Posters


Trade-Up sales have doubled since the start of the program and Best Buy is connecting with a whole new customer base.

“By helping us understand our fledgling Trade-Up program from a variety of perspectives, Spyglass proved to us that simple sometimes is the best approach.”

Senior Program Director
Best Buy

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