Bringing the Connextions health care consumer engagement story to life.

What is it you do again? Connextions is a successful health care consumer engagement company that empowers consumers to make better health care choices using a high-touch, multi-channel communication strategy. The problem was, too many of their health company clients thought of them as only a call center. They needed an update to their brand and clarity around the wealth of benefits they could offer clients.

Connextions Website

Ahead of the curve and already around the bend. There was plenty of emerging opportunity in the health care world, and no one was better poised to capture it than Connextions. One out of every three Americans is touched by Connextions. They provide an end-to-end technology and business service solution that let their clients deliver a superior health care experience to consumers. One that delivers tremendous ROI and high customer satisfaction. Spyglass performed a complete brand refresh that included a new messaging hierarchy, a new website and consumer engagement video to coincide with the opening of their new headquarters.

OK, now I get it! Spyglass simplified messaging and told the new Connextions story in a way that mattered to the health care companies they serve. Now prospects understand the value Connextions offers. And they no longer look or sound like a
call center company. Sales are already ramping up and qualified inquiries are at an all-time high.


Thanks to their new story, Connextions is positioned for growth for the next decade.

“Spyglass did exactly what we needed most. They positioned us as the undisputed leader in health care’s fastest growing sector.”

Director of Marketing

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