Spyglass helped Extraco Banks become
“The Financial Center of Texas.”

Spyglass brought the “Financial Center” concept to life through engaging new branch designs, a new merchandising system, a new ad campaign, sales tools and staff training. The result was a new customer experience that bankers and customers believed in. And the results were nothing short of amazing.

The branch concept involved an open floor plan where customers can explore the bank’s offerings, whether privately through interactive kiosks or with assistance from bank employees who are not sitting behind desks. As in a retail store (think Home Depot), if you are actively looking for something and you seem like you could use help, a bank representative will ask you if you need help. The difference is that it actually feels like a retail store, where you can comfortably say “no thanks, just browsing.” Think about it. When was the last time you just browsed at a bank? And didn’t feel like security was watching you?

Establish a voice. And don’t be shy.

The tone of the advertising needed to reflect the bold positioning of the branches themselves. Spyglass created campaigns that stood out from the generic claims of competing banks, both local and national, by infusing personality into everything they did.

The campaign

2 to 7

The average number of products per customer went from 2 to 7 in three years, dramatically affecting the long-term value of a customer and the bank’s bottom line.

“The customer experience we created together is world-class and nothing compares to it in this region.”

Executive Leader
Extraco Cooperation

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