Lifetouch Sports Photography - The Four Fundamentals

How do you jumpstart a well-known brand? When the world’s largest school photography company turned to Spyglass to help them relaunch their sports photography business after years of declining sales, the answer wasn’t just a great new visual identity and positioning (which we delivered as well) but a new platform for selling to high school athletic directors: the Four Fundamentals of School Sports Photography.

Lifetouch Sports Photography logo

Identity.  Kids’ idea of sports photography boils down to one of three perceptions: Mom with her iPhone (embarrassing), team picture day (boring) or highlight reels on ESPN (cool). We gave picture day with Lifetouch Sports the look and feel of a professional, media-quality event.

Lifetouch Sales Kit Folder

The Four Fundamentals Sales Tool. When you finally get a meeting with a busy athletic director, you need to get right to the point. Spyglass helped narrow down a long list of features to just four key fundamental issues that Lifetouch can help them with: Your Athletes, Your School, Your Community and Your Time. By illustrating how our program delivers benefits in all these areas, and not just a cost comparison, the decision is made easy.


Using the positioning and sales tools developed by Spyglass, Lifetouch is rapidly expanding the program across the country.

“This was a game-changer for us. Spyglass gave us a clear way to leverage our size and create differentiation in the school sports market.”

Marketing Director

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