Group O takes it to the next level

Group O is an optimization company that helps other companies concentrate on what they do best. They came to Spyglass because they had a good thing going, but needed a brand update and a new way to talk about how they improve business processes everyday for brand titans like AT&T, Best Buy, Pepsi, Microsoft and John Deere.

GroupO_WebsiteThe big O. Spyglass created O-Sourcing, a fresh take on what Group O does best. One that differentiates them from their competitors and allows them to succinctly sing their own praises as business process improvement specialists. O-Sourcing, along with a polished and concise website, brand identity and sparkling new sales message for the marketplace has made it easier than ever for Group O to land and expand new business.



Group O recently topped $500 million in revenue in 2013 and was named a Top-5 Latino-owned Business in 2012.

“Spyglass gave us the look of a Fortune 100 company and an exciting new way to tell our story.”

President and COO
Group O

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