Reeher redefines their brand and quickly doubles their paid subscribers.

Reeher’s innovative software platform is dramatically changing the way colleges and universities raise funds — by helping them eliminate waste and improve overall performance.  But they needed to rethink their story – it wasn’t connecting.  Spyglass transformed their brand to mean something, simplified the website and developed relevant sales tools so Reeher could improve their own performance.

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Start with faster.

Through research it became clear that speed to implementation was a critical decision factor and a clear differentiator for Reeher in the market. We developed the “Fast Track” concept including external and internal campaigns that helped keep the message front and center in the minds (and bodies) of the Reeher staff.

Build it and they will come.

The Reeher Vista Executive Conference in August of 2012 was Reeher’s opportunity to showcase not only the platform, but Reeher’s deep understanding of the challenges that their clients face, which are not all easily solved. Spyglass helped Reeher put together a 3-day event that included signage, outbound marketing, and presentation design – all developed to position Reeher as a partner in the solution and a key to their success.



Creating a brand position of “fast and best-in-class” and a simplified online experience, Spyglass helped Reeher double their business.

“Working with a typical agency is like
getting pecked to death by ducks. Spyglass,
on the other hand, knows how to get things
done and develops strategies that help me
grow my business.”

Executive Leader
Reeher, LLC

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