Turning up the volume for the 2014 Iveys

And the award goes to… The Ivey Awards are a big deal. They are the Tony Awards of the Twin Cities, which also happens to be among the biggest theater communities in the country—second only to New York. The event already had a great tradition of outstanding creative and photography. Award winners are featured each year. The bar was high. So we pushed it up a notch. Since it was our second year handling event creative, outdoing ourselves was no small task. But we did.


We think dedicating your life to theater is pretty badass.IVEYSPEOPLE_965x449

That’s when it struck us: let’s get a little down and dirty and put our award winners in a different light (or darkness, as it were). We worked with photographer William Clark, stylist Grant Whitaker and Scott Mayer’s team, and the result was a gritty ode to the dedicated souls who make Twin Cities theater great: Theater Forever. The gang was all in. We even gave out temporary tats on the night of the event.



Tattoo you. We had a cool biker-theme and matching logo worthy of ink, so we handed out temporary tatts on the night of the event. We realized right away that girls dig it!



The 2014 Iveys played to a full house at the State Theatre.

“We always know Spyglass will come up with something we love. They wowed us last year and they did it again. We expect nothing less. These guys get it.”

Scott Mayer
Founder and Executive Director
The Ivey Awards

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